Keynote Speakers


Patricia Pisters     University of Amsterdam

Patricia Pisters is a professor of Media Studies (with specialization in Film Studies) at the University of Amsterdam. Her main research interests include film-philosophy, especially in conjunction with neuroscience and on political implications of contemporary transnational screen culture and media ecologies. She also writes and lectures about classical film authors and Dutch film culture.

She’s the author of, among other titles, Filming for the Future: The Work of Louis van Gasteren (2015), and The Neuro-Image: A Deleuzian Filmphilosophy of Digital Screen Culture (2012).

Fernando Vidal     Catalan Institution for Research and Advanced Studies

Fernando Vidal is a research professor at ICREA. His current work focuses on the cultural history of the “cerebral subject” – from film and science fiction to neurobics and neurophilosophy. His more general interests include the history of the relations between notions of  bodily continuity and personal identity.

His publications include Endangerment, biodiversity and culture (with Nelia Dias, 2015), and Neurocultures: glimpses into an expanding universe (2011).

Bogusław Bierwiaczonek             Jan Długosz University of Częstochowa

Linguist first and foremost, professor Bierwiaczonek is also a poet, composer and singer. His fields of interest include the cognitive theory of metonymy, image schemas and metaphor, cognitive lexical semantics and pragmatics, cognitive syntax and construction grammar, philosophy of embodiment and neural basis of language. He is a member of the International Cognitive Linguistics Association and from 2012 to 2015 was the Chairman of the Polish Cognitive Linguistics Association.

His most recent book is Metonymy in Language, Thought and Brain (2013).